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Digital wallet at your customers' fingertips

Top up & Cash out
View activity in real-time
Assign cashless wristbands

A simple way to preload & manage cashless accounts

Give your customers the freedom to top up their cashless accounts & track transactions through their eWallets. Eliminate the need for carrying cash or cards, customers can pay with their wristbands.

Top up credits on the go

Enable your customers to preload their accounts with cashless credits to spend at your venue with a tap of their smart wristbands. Offer refunds for the remaining credits with an option of adding a 'cash out fee'.

View transactions at a glance

An easy way to track activity in real-time, from desktop or mobile. Credit transactions are processed through the most trusted payment gateways, providing greater security.

Assign & manage family wristbands

Offer full flexibility to assign cashless wristbands to family members. Your customers can instantly block their wristbands if they get lost.
White label ticketing
Reserved seating
Product upsell

Create your perfect software package with add-on features.

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