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Visualise your venue with reserved seating

Streamline the experience, increase conversions.

Bring your venue to life with the latest seat reservation software. Enable your attendees to reserve their seats with their tickets, upsell products & services.
Fully mobile optimised booking experience
Bespoke seating charts within your ticket shop
Custom price bands and upselling tools

Offer a seamless buying experience

Manage your seating chart, ticketing and pricing for your event. Sell tickets online from your website and let attendees chose their seats. Our reserved seating ticketing software works seamlessly on desktop or mobile. Upsell seated tickets, cross-sell products and increase revenue for your next reserved seating event.

Showcase your venue, any shape or size

Recreate your unique venue within hours. Our seat reservation software makes it easy to add rows, tables or general admission areas. Duplicate layouts and highlight best seats in just a few clicks.
Curve & skew Curve and skew rows and blocks to build the perfect seating chart.
Areas Separate your plan into areas. Optimise the booking experience for large reserved seating events.
Image upload Upload your seat layout and trace over it to create a direct replica of your venue
Seat scoring Highlight the best seats by adding a focal point to your venue's hot spot.

Replicate your unique venue with the latest design tools

Why the Ticketzone solution?

We thrive working with industry experts, combining skills and sharing experiences. Our versatility allows us to adapt to your script - we speak your language. Our commitment and understanding in the entertainment, sports and conferencing arena, provides you with the reassurances of partnering with the perfect team!
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Create your perfect software package with add-on features.

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